About Me

Born in the swinging sixties near the River Thames, I spent a happy childhood in a home full of music where I often sang simply for the joy of how it felt in my heart.

I loved acting, though assumed it was Hollywood or nothing until I met a friend whose big sister was working as a stage manager in a London pub theatre. This was a revelation to me: real people work in theatre! I then devoured every play I could get my hands on, identifying with the characters and imagining how I would play them – I was hooked.

I spent three wonderful years at Hull University in the Drama department (ah, the olden days when folk received grants!); I was fortunate to get my union card quickly, and was soon working in theatre and then in TV. During this time, I sang in a harmony group on the alternative comedy circuit in London, where I met my partner. A couple of bands, some wild shows and two children later I found the spiritual life calling.

Not long after, my partner and I set up camp in the rain forest on the Zimbabwe/Mozambique border. I found time to connect deeply with nature, meet local musicians, and sing my heart out.

My spiritual practice developed further, until in 2000 I trained to be a Kundalini yoga teacher. Aside from the spiritual teachings and vigorous yoga practice, sound and mantra play a huge role in the transformative gift of Kundalini yoga, and I feel blessed to have collaborated with some amazing devotional musicians leading to my creating my own versions of mantras and recording CDs.

Since then I have completed further yoga trainings and co-created cabarets, theatre shows and SoundSpace healing events.

My online courses feel like the perfect meeting of the many paths in my life: the expressive and the spiritual

About My Practice

As a young performer working in experimental theatre, I loved the warm ups we would take in order to be ready for the physical demands of the piece. It wasn’t until later (at my first yoga class) that I realised that I had been practicing a version of yoga all along. It was one of those “aha” moments, and it truly felt like coming home.

In a very real way then, I have been a yoga practitioner, performer, and singer for my entire adult life.

Aside from my teacher trainings in kundalini and sivnanda yoga, my personal pracice is informed by oher forms of yoga (Iyengar and vinyasa), and my classes aim to build fluidity, stability, awareness and creativity on and off the mat. My yoga practice is the source and support for everything. I feel that I am continually learning and hopefully evolving – my joy is to share these discoveries with others.

I’m inspired to explore all aspects of well being through the map of the chakras (described as swirling vortexes of energy where the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of our being meet).

I love this structure, and I love to play with the specific sounds and mantras that activate the qualities of each chakra.

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© Kate McKenzie 2021 | Website Design by Nice as Pi