What My Clients Have to Say About Me

Over my years of teaching both at home and abroad, I’ve amassed a sizeable host of regular participants in my classes and sessions, and at my retreats. On this page you’ll find some of the comments of just a few of these wonderful people.

Kate adds a magical dimension to all her teaching.


Weekly Yoga Classes

I have been coming to Kate’s yoga classes and workshops for 15 years, so you can tell that I’m a big fan! Kate’s teaching comes from a place of deep personal enquiry and is delivered with great humanity and a lightness of touch. 

As well as being an intuitive and inspiring teacher, Kate is also a wonderful musician and sound healer. I have been playing her music now for many years, both in my own classes and at home and find it never fails to move me. Her music has the capacity to soothe, to uplift and ultimately to help me feel more connected to myself and to others. Anna


Yoga and Sound Healing

Thank you for the wonderful work that Yoga on a Shoestring is doing. The holiday at La Gomera was amazing, the place is absolutely beautiful and Kate is a wonderful teacher. I had a great time full of rest and healing.

Keep up the good work! I will definitely book another holiday with you in the future.


Yoga Retreats

I had an amazing time at La Finca. A truly magical place and the food was amazing.

I met some wonderful people and the yoga practice with Kate was everything I knew it would be and more. She is such a special person and I feel blessed to have been able to spend time with her in such a wonderful setting.


Yoga Retreats

This was a really wonderful trip. The accommodation was great. I didn’t feel like a guest in hotel but rather a welcome guest in Finca’s community. The food was plentiful and delicious.

Regarding the teaching / yoga practise. Kate is the most amazing person who just radiates peace. I loved the practise and felt really quite sad when I had to leave a day early.


Yoga Retreats

I found the venue to be excellent as was the food. I found Kate’s teaching fantastic and she was very good at bringing a group together and holding the space. It felt a very safe environment to go deep into ones self.

All in all I felt it to be an amazing experience on many levels and would not hesitate to book something with you again. I have been spreading the word already!!


Yoga Retreats

Kate has a wonderful radiant energy and she uses her intuition and depth of psyche-soma wisdom when she gives a massage.

By the end, I usually feel that I have been transported somewhere else beyond the stresses and strains of this life. It is a wonderful way to recharge and rebalance oneself when life has taken its toll.



I’m just back home from the most relaxing, re-energising and re-balancing week. Kate is a very special person and creates a group dynamic that is so supportive and nurturing from which you feel able to just ‘be’. The yoga was fantastic, set at just the right pace and the spiritual element adds hugely to the journey.

La Gomera is a very magical place and holds such great energy, I loved falling asleep at night listening to the waves crashing against the rocks. I have returned home much stronger physically and emotionally. I can’t wait to go back!


Yoga Retreats

A great source of inspiration.


Weekly Yoga Classes

She was aware of all our needs and brought in a dimension of love and kindness.


Weekly Yoga Classes

Kate’s classes are an absolute delight; the physical work is challenging and yet guided  by her original voice  and use of sound in such a way that the experience feels exploratory and holistic rather than formulaic and repetitive.

The chanting and singing work I’ve experienced with Kate has left me feeling open and light, engendering a sense of unity and positivity and opening the mind and spirit to the possibility of healing and joyfulness in everyday existence. Her teaching is playful and expansive but very wise and always sensitive.


Weekly Yoga Classes

I have been practising yoga regularly with Kate for many years. Her classes are really beautiful with a combination of alignment and breath which aids focus, balance and space to learn. 

It’s really worth joining her for time ‘on the mat‘ if you are new to yoga or have a more seasoned practice.


Weekly Yoga Classes

One of the many things I appreciate about Kate’s teaching style is the way in which she invites, rather than instructs.

With gentle cues from Kate I find I can go inward, I can explore subtle sensations, and work with my body with awareness, from the inside. I find that with this approach, I can go deeper, work with more intensity and as a result, I emerge from class feeling grounded and physically more alive.


Weekly Classes

I am indeed very rested and rejuvenated. It was a really special week. Finca is incredible. The food was amazing – I couldn’t have wanted more.

Kate is a truly brilliant teacher – I feel I’ve been spoiled somewhat! And overall I think your service from start to finish has been excellent! So thank you very much.


Yoga Retreats

I went to a sound healing session with Kate, and wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a very beautiful experience. It felt like my whole body was benefiting from the sounds and vibrations going through it, not just the ears. I felt like I was floating.


Sound Healing

When I met Kate Kate McKenzie in 2000, she was “A SINGER” and I was just a human. I was in awe of Kate, whose voice would soar like a Divine bird in the resonant yoga spaces in which she taught, in the hallway of her beautiful home and everywhere else she went. I couldn’t imagine being that at home with my voice… and yet, here I am!

Kate has inspired me constantly with the sincerity with which she prepares her classes and music alike. She takes GREAT CARE and shares what she loves with a generosity of heart and inspiration which are rare and precious. I’m sure all her students would agree!

Kate’s beautiful melodies are beyond description really… Words like “uplifting” or “transportational” still don’t do them justice. It has been the greatest blessing and honour to join her for various song baths and other events.

More, please!


Yoga and Sound Healing

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