Living Your Heartsong: An Introduction

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NEXT DATE: 4th – 10th June 2018

(Cut-off date: 5pm, 3rd June 2018)

Seven days
Seven chakras
Seven short yoga practices


How does it feel to say I Am:
Grounded, Flowing, Active, Loving,
Creative, Clear & living in Harmony?

Even if you feel less than the above, you intuitively know that these qualities are your birthright.

The ancient system of the chakras shines a light on all these inner gifts, making it a wonderful tool in our contemporary world.

As we don’t always have the luxury of time, I have designed the seven sequences of this introductory course each to be around ten minutes in length.

Each day illuminates one of the seven chakras, and the course can be enjoyed either all by itself, as a start to your personal practice, as an addition to your regular practice, or as a taster for the more in depth Living Your Heartsong: 21 version of the course.

Don’t forget to register by 5pm on 3rd June 2018, to catch this release of Living Your Heartsong!

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