Living Your Heartsong: 21

Transform Your Life With Yoga and Healing Sound

A 21-Day Online Yogic Course for Just £21!

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Registration for the July roll-out of the 21-day course is now closed, however our free 7-day taster course will be open for registration soon.

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Our world needs your unique expression of love and truth.

Through the daily practice of yoga and sound healing, you will plant the seeds of wellbeing so that you can start to tune-in to your own unique message, and take steps to express it in your life.

This Course Is for You, If You Wonder…

  • Why you feel out of kilter, stressed and lacking in vitality
  • Why you feel as though I have no voice?
  • How your health and immunity could be strengthened?
  • Why you feel as though you have no power, or that no one listens to you?

Do You Feel as Though You Deserve More?

  • Do you intend to look after yourself, but face too many demands?
  • Are you juggling pressures from family, friends, work, money and life?
  • Or perhaps you simply feel as if there is no time for you, your health and happiness?

A New Way to Think About You

Let’s start with what you have right now: your body, breath, and voice.

Taking it from there, let’s roll out our yoga mats together and begin to move in a way that brings greater health, peace, and vitality.

You’ll build confidence and recognise that it’s time to begin Living Your Heartsong.

How It Works

In Living Your Heartsong, we follow the structure of the chakra system.

Chakras are described as wheels of energy where the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual meet. We’ll use these seven energy centres as a map to navigate our wellbeing on all levels.

Each yoga sequence will emphasise a particular region of your body, its energy centre and so explore how harmony in that area enhances your life. There is no hierarchy here, balance is key as we tap into your seven talents:

Connected Radiance

If you feel fragmented and under par it’s pretty tricky to give yourself the present of time to self care and then bring awareness to your heart and its feelings – both of joy and pain.

Building a practice around the seven steps of the chakra system means you can uncover your gifts and shadows, ready to shine and be healed. As your balance and stability grow you can find the courage needed to hear your hearts true song.

Even though the practice is primarily physical, sound healing is threaded into the sequence. Making sound in this conscious way releases transformational energy. When you sound and chant, you vibrate and merge with the specific healing intention within the sound current.

The Structure of the 21 Days

On days one and two of each step you’ll receive:

An introduction to the focus chakra.

Two twenty minute yoga sequences related to aspects of that energy centre, one for each day.

A mantra and a guided relaxation, chosen for their resonance with the particular qualities of that chakra.

Simple tips and suggestions to incorporate into your life.

Day 3 is a catch up, self care, rest and play day (so no separate yoga sequence).

Your Investment in You

If you are able to set aside half an hour each day, it will be more than ample for you to keep up, and so feel great about completing the course!

If you’re unable to listen to your relaxation after yoga, play it before bed or another time.

Likewise if you don’t have time to listen to or chant along with your mantra, play it while getting ready, doing the washing or walking to the station!

Read the suggestions and let the ideas filter through so you can come up with your own solutions of how best to integrate them into your life.

Hear Your Heart, Welcome Its Message, and Start Living Your Heartsong

On day 21 you will feel more balanced, energised and in touch with your intuition.

You’ll have more personal insight, self awareness and connection with your heart and it’s song.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of how you can express your truth in your way.

Taking Responsibility

By creating inner peace we foster world peace.

Be part of the solution and conquer turmoil one heart at a time!

“When people forget their songs, they forget their harmony, their melody, and their essence of life.”

– Yogi Bhajan

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