Monthly Sound Experience at the Little Escape studio in Crystal Palace

The second Sunday of every month, 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Next Events : September 8th / October 13th / November 10th

£25 per person / £40 for two people / £60 for three people / £80 for four people (if booked at the same time)

Joining me will be multi-instrumentalist Zoot Lynam

I am thrilled to be holding a collaborative sound experience with Zoot Lynam at the Little Escape studio, located in the heart of Crystal Palace, in a quiet Mews away from the hustle and bustle of the high street.

Zoot is a multi-instrumental musician and sound practitioner, with a particular curiosity for the ways that sound can influence us on a profound level. Together, Zoot & I will lead you through an immersive and relaxing session to open your heart and create calm and inspiration.

We’ll begin our sessions by deepening self-awareness through breath perception, gentle and intuitive movement, and accessible guided visualisations. We’ll then create a bridge from our inner to the outer world with specific healing voice practices.

We then join as a group to sing and chant inspiring songs and affirmations that emanate from the heart. Finally, you surrender into total relaxation with a delicious sound bath, where you’re serenaded by soothing frequencies from various instruments to create a sense of deep calm and inner ease.

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