Sound Healing

Everything in our universe has a specific vibration with its own unique frequency.

Chanting is an ancient practice that stimulates transformation on a deep cellular level – one through which I aim to facilitate the integration of breath, body, individual and group sound with a sense of sacredness, creativity and fun. I love to share sound healing in chanting sessions, ‘mantra choirs’, workshops and retreats.

Ultimately, chanting is a means of finding our way back to the core of our being, to our heart and to our connection with each other. When we chant, we raise our own frequency to align with the uplifting consciousness of the mantra or healing sound. We can choose a mantra that attunes us to the energy state it represents, and so enhance particular qualities such as healing, peace, joy and love.

I was drawn to composition and sacred sound through meditation and healing voice and bodywork much influenced by my then singing teacher, Corrine Shirman Sarti. I have also been introduced to classical Indian Raga with Rajeswar Bhattacharya.

I have been inspired by the chants within Kundalini yoga, and have been guided in the Sanskrit mantras through the spiritual leaders at the temple where I teach.

Some lovely comments from sound healing participants

“A great way to meditate – I felt amazing afterwards!

“I reached that lovely place in between sleep and being awake.

“Afterwards, I had the best night’s sleep I have ever had.

“A truly joyous experience – it didn’t matter at all that I can’t sing!

My Albums

Over the years I have released a number of songs and sound healing albums.

Many of my songs and tracks can be streamed or downloaded through SoundCloud (I’ve included a few samples below), and my full albums can be purchased directly through iTunes.

Discover My New EP, ‘Golden’

‘Golden’ is an energising combination of electro beats with sacred healing mantras.

You can stream ‘Golden’ on Apple Music and Spotify, and if you like it, please download and share it.

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