Kate McKenzie is a true Light in the field of yoga. She put me back together again after the birth of my children, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her deep wisdom, knowledge, experience, love and all round radiance is a wonderful presence to be in. She practices from the heart, connecting you to your breath and body in ways that can be both gentle and challenging too, so you feel the transformative effects of the yoga without feeling exhausted.

If you’re lucky, Kate will sing mantra with her angelic voice, a balm for the soul. As well as inhabiting the angelic realms, Kate is also very down to earth, fun and funny and a delight to spend time with. I have done classes and one to one sessions with Kate and I highly recommend both. I hope to one day join her on retreat which I know would be an incredible experience.

– Francine Chambers –

Yoga with Kate is heavenly. She holds the space in a way that allows me to go deep into myself. I emerge feeling energised and uplifted, better able to cope with the challenges that life brings. Perhaps best of all, Kate has the voice of angel and it’s always a treat to chant mantra with her. If you get the chance to take a retreat with Kate, you must… It’s life changing.

– Claire Benson –

Kate has run four retreats that I chose to go on because she was the teacher; at destinations from Dorset to the French countryside. Her online classes helped me maintain a positive attitude, plus achieve an improved level of fitness through two pandemic lockdowns. Her yoga practice is inclusive, varied… and fun! And Kate is a delightful, chilled teacher.

– Mary O’Sullivan –

Kate teaches yoga classes that connect physical movement with the breath, with meditation and with chanting, that are easy to understand, fun and yet profound in their results. You need to experience the delight of her classes and her as a person – get along now!

– Fiona Morton –

I love Kate’s classes. They always strike the perfect balance between being energising and relaxing. They leave me feeling like a new person and at peace with the world.

– Hannah Fox –

Kate creates a very calm and inclusive space for her students. It is also a wonderful and unpredictable space.Her teaching style is intuitive and she responds to the group instinctively, sensing the energy and suggesting the focus for each class. The depth and breadth of her experience result in an expertise that allows her to be incredibly flexible and empathetic to the needs of her students. 

Kate’s energy, musicality and playfulness make her a joy to be in the company of. No class is the same just as no day or hour is and her sensitivity to this is tangible in her teaching.

The yoga sessions I have attended with Kate  didn’t  just increase my physical strength and well-being and the connectivity between my mind and body, they increased my resilience and compassion. Kate holds and inspires you as a student and gives you confidence to grow.

– Sophy Macdonnel –

From the first time I walked up the hill with my mat to class with Kate, I felt at ease. Her classes were a time each week to re-ground and open again to the enjoyment of movement through breath and meditation.

Ever since that time, there has always been the warmest welcome and detailed attention to the practice of yoga. I always leave time with Kate softly smiling.

– Lisa Williamson –

Kate is so inspiring! In her yoga class I felt this wonderful balance, clarity, challenge and totally blissful relaxation. Her wisdom came so effortlessly with a smile and strength, and got me out of the pothole in my head. I highly recommend her.

– Maria Stamati –

After struggling with finding a daily movement practice that I would stick to, I decided to meet Kate and get her help to design a tailor made yoga plan for me.

Kate took time to listen to my previous experiences of exercising, the goals I wanted to reach, and most importantly, how much time I could realistically afford to spend moving daily. I have been following her advice for two weeks now and I am already feeling the benefits of my daily movement routine. The pain on my back when stretching is gone, I feel more energised and I have increased my flexibility when bending.

I am now hooked on a daily practice that I look forward to doing every day.

– Sarah Shorter –

Kate’s teaching provides a wonderful blend of yoga competence with warm sensitivity. She adapts the practice to meet your needs superbly, while exuding a calm approach throughout, her beautiful voice encouraging you all the way. I always feel peaceful, positive and energised after a session with Kate.

– Sue Austin –

Words can’t really convey what you and your classes mean to me… I have been doing yoga with you for many years and have always been gently encouraged to get the best out of my creaking body! The benefits are incalculable, for the mind as well as the body.

You kept me sane and supple with online sessions throughout Lockdown and gave much comfort in difficult times. Simply The Best!

– Gillian Richards –

I’m delighted and very much looking forward to seeing Kate every time when I do my yoga with her in person.

She is sensitive with everyone’s strength and weakness when we learn a new pose; she has wide knowledge of yoga as she links Traditional Chinese Medicine theory with yoga movements which makes a lot of sense to me as a beginner as well as a Chinese person; she has beautiful voice that always makes our last minute of the session enjoyable.

I highly recommend her as a yoga teacher!

– Xueli Chen 陈雪莉 –

I had practiced yoga off and on with a variety of teachers for most of my adult life until I moved to a small village in France. I was introduced to Kate by a friend during COVID and was able to participate in Kate’s live online classes. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for the opportunity to work with her.

Kate is a wonderful teacher, a kind and encouraging person with a beautiful soul. I love that her practice is so varied and includes meditations, mantras, singing… I was blessed to meet Kate in person this summer during a weeklong yoga retreat in France. What a gift that week was for me! Kate has helped me to rediscover my strength and my inner joy.

With love and gratitude to you Kate.

– Cheryl –

Kate’s yoga holidays are a perfect blend of brilliant yoga and lots of fun. I love every minute while I am there and also how the benefits last long after I get home. She includes us all whatever our starting point, creating a warm and nurturing space for rest and growth.

Thank you Kate – I must have been away with you around ten times now and I can’t wait for the next time!

– Jane Lyons –

Kate is one of the most amazing Yoga teachers that I know. I am hoping to go on one of her retreats again, as they are wonderful for body and soul. Maybe we can even welcome her back in Ireland at a retreat here in Blaney, let us hope.

– Gabriele Tottenham, Blaney Retreat Centre

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