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On this page, I’ve added a few clips from various video work I’ve undertaken around the world. Some of these are from my free Udemy course, ‘Exploring the Chakras‘. Other clips are taken from video sessions provided as part of a video blog.

I hope you find these videos helpful, and more can be found on my YouTube channel.

An Udemy Course: Exploring the Chakras

Based on the kundalini yoga teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Exploring the Chakras is a series of eight simple moving meditations.

The chakras are the centres of energy that exist within our bodies, and their vitality impacts our lives on every level. These energy centres have been recognised since ancient times, with modern science now at last beginning to appreciate the role they play in our overall wellbeing.

Exploring the Chakras has been designed so that you can undertake each segment separately, or follow the whole journey from roots to crown and beyond. Whether you’re someone who has a yoga mat or someone who doesn’t – anyone can benefit from these powerful exercises.

So, take a journey with me through the chakras, and enjoy the wellbeing of this ancient system in our busy modern lives.


1. Balance (Muladhara): This sequence supports your lower back – to help you feel grounded.

2. Abundance (Swadhisthana): This sequence opens your hips and pelvis – to bring flexibility into your life.

3. Power (Manipura): This sequence strengthens your navel and abdominal region –  to build self confidence.

4. Love (Anahata): This sequence rejuvenates your lungs and heart – to enhance inner peace and compassion.

5. Creativity (Vishuddha): This sequence releases your shoulders, neck and throat – to uncover your true expression.

6. Intuition (Ajna): This sequence focuses on your mind – to increase mental clarity.

7. Expansion (Sahasrara): This sequence connects you to your crown and higher mind – to develop wisdom and harmony.

8. Radiance (Aura): This sequence invigorates your whole body – to bring vitality and energy.

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