We all have a natural ability to comfort others with the kindness of touch. I offer massage with an intention of supporting the natural healing process through compassion and trust.

I use oil and hands in a deep and instinctive way with a lighter touch to balance energy. I also use sound vibration – either voice or bowl and bells to create release and harmony.

“I went to Kate for a massage when someone close to me was dying. Kate’s massage did more than ease my immediate strain – her combination of touch and sound helped to re-calibrate my system, and I left with my resources replenished, prepared to provide the support to my loved one through her passing.

– Kir


My coaching is underpinned by the yogic practice of sankalpa (‘san’ means connection to highest truth and ‘kalpa’ means vow). It is based on the premise that you are making a commitment to follow the path of your highest truth.

Interestingly, the concept of sankalpa begins with the belief that you are already perfect! The process is not so much about ‘fixing’ something – it’s more about uncovering your soul’s purpose, and organising your life around that insight.

You do not have to be into yoga to gain the benefits from this session. Through breath, meditation and subtle body movements, we’ll discover practices that resonate for you.

Firstly, you’ll find a sense of balance and groundedness, in order to connect with your heart and uncover your heart’s unique song. Then, you’ll tap into your intuition and clarity as we explore what’s going on for you right now, what could change, what may get in the way of your commitment to your vow. Finally, you’ll then ignite the inner fire power, so that you can maintain the realistic course of action that you have set out for yourself.

The system is underpinned by the understanding that every thought you take and action you make, can bring you nearer to your deepest truth .

While we generally follow this structure, the possible variations are vast, as each program is individually tailored to what lights you up.

“Thank you Kate for a fantastic session! Since then, I feel that my aim and paths have become clearer – a wonderful feeling!

– Sarah

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© Kate McKenzie 2021 | Website Design by Nice as Pi